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How to Get Cheap Packing Supplies in London

Cheap Moving Boxes in LondonMoving into a new apartment or house is really exciting, but it could also be really expensive. You`ll probably need to spend some money on paint, curtains, new carpet or even new furniture for your new home. There will be probably even more expenses once you start the whole moving process. That`s why RemovalsPro London offer you some tips how to save on packing supplies and spend the saved money on something you really want for your new home.

  • Don`t buy boxes. If you look around, you`ll find so many places where you can get boxes for free. Such as grocery stores, liquor stores and even your office. That`s right you can use any empty copy paper boxes. As long as they are clean and sturdy they will do a great job.
  • Think inside the box rather than outside the box. Try to use the things you are moving as packing materials. For instance, if you have a hamper, you can use it as a box or you can use towels and pillows instead of bubble wrap to protect your stuff during the transportation. Sometimes even drawers can be moved with their content inside.
  • Try to use less tape. If you use sturdy boxes, there is no need to use too much tape to reinforce them. Just fold them and everything will be fine. If you really need to use tape, buy it from a discount store.
  • Use old magazines and newspapers to protect any breakable items you are moving. If you do that, be careful because newsprint may leave marks on your belongings.
  • Ask a friend for a hand. It`s always a good idea to use as much free help as you can get. If you don`t want to hire a removals company or a van in London, you can always ask a friend for help. You can borrow your friend`s van, but don`t forget to fill the tank up and clean the van before giving it back to your buddy.
  • Buy moving blankets from a discount store. The good news is that you can reuse the blankets after your removal. For instance, you can use them as a cover or as bedding in your tent when you go camping or you can just donate them to a local shelter.

We hope you`ll find our tips for a cheap removal useful and you`ll save money on your London removal. If you choose to hire a removals company you can always ask for a discount and thus save money, time and effort. If you do that, check out RemovalsPro removal services.

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