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would like to offer you a few clever tips that will make your moving easier both for you and for your family members.

The first thing is to arrange your luggage well. Don’t make the mistake to put everything in boxes without labels. That will cause panic when you’re unpacking at your new place because you won’t know what’s the content in the boxes. You’ll have to open every box just to know what’s inside. Probably a better organization arrangement will make things faster, but in your new home you will certainly feel lost for a long time.

Boxes with labels - London Moves
First make a list. Our advice is to use convenient solid substrate on which to attach sheets just for your comfort when you walk around with them from room to room. Use an ordinary numbers to facilitate the packaging. Put number on every box and write down the same number on your sheet with some label just to know what’s inside the box.  Keep the list in a safe place or carry it with you at all the time. It really will make you organized. Another trick that we can share is to organize a “mobile office” – this is a little box in which to place markers, stickers, paper and others. So everything needed for the packaging will constantly be at your hand.
Make sure you have everything you need to move: wrapping paper to wrap fragile things, different sized boxes, patches and those plastic bubble packs for glassware. Buy the necessary things from the nearest shop where you can find even packing boxes. Look for friends who have recently moved – they may have extra boxes which you can use.

Have in mind: make sure that you have more boxes than you need – certainly they won’t be enough. In every home there are always more stuff than we think.

You can buy other helpful accessories such as tape, tags, wrapping paper, packaging machines and other related stuff.
Before the start of the big packing or when most of the luggage is already arranged in boxes you will end up with a lot of things you do not want to pick to the new location. If you are not going to use these things any more you can sell them online or just organize something like garage sale.
When you’re at the new place just put every box to its corresponding place. For example if the box is labeled “kitchen” just put it in the kitchen etc. When you allocate all of the boxes in their rooms you’ll find that it si going to be easier for you to unpack and arrange the rooms.


We wish you good luck!

If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact RemovalsPro – London.

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