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Moving to college in London

moving_to_collegeMoving to college can be a real challenge. First you are probably moving to a smaller place than you are used to and second you might also have a roommate which means less room for your stuff. In order to have a pleasant college experience you are definitely going to need a computer, wardrobe and a personal space organized in a way that makes you feel like home.

We know how important is going to college in one`s life. That`s why we have some tips for you which can help you prepare for this big moment:

  • Get durable storage boxes. You can easily put your clothes, towels or even bedding in them and keep them under your bed for example. It`s a great way to optimize your limited space considering the fact that most of the colleges don`t have much closet/storage space to offer.
  • Choose your clothes carefully. Unfortunately you won`t have room for everything you want but with a good plan you will have enough room for everything you need. Now is the time to choose your favorite clothes which define you.
  • Try to get information about your dorm room: the size of the room, furniture, how the space is configured. That way, if you need to buy a desk or shelving you will know what your room is like.
  • If you will be within a couple of hours drive of home, you don`t need to pack too many clothes and shoes. You can take only those that make sense for the season. You can always use the opportunity when you get back home to bring the clothes and shoes you don`t need and take those you do.
  • Make sure you have some sort of a tool kit. You might need screwdrivers, hammer, nails, tape measure and box cutter in case decorating or repairs need to be made.
  • Make sure you have enough ultra-thin hangers. It`s amazing how much space they save and how organized everything is.
  • It`s time to pack! It`s a good idea to use hard sided boxes. That way your stuff will be not only easier to move, but also to carry and stack. If you need packing materials RemovalsPro will be glad to help. We can help you pack and move in no time.

And last but not least, if you can – try to schedule your removal mid-week. That way, you will avoid the crowd of students and parents with all the boxes heading to your dorm. Another advantage is that you will have enough time to settle in before your roommate moves in.

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