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Office Removals Checklist

Whether your office is small or large, you need to do certain things before you start relocating. This way your office removal will be well organized and most importantly stress free. Allow enough time for planning and preparation and you will save time, money and effort later. The following checklist will help get an idea what needs to be done for a successful move.

  • Make a list with tasks starting with the most essential. In this way you can keep track of what you are going to do and what you`ve already done.
  • Have a meeting with the building manager. Discuss the access to the building on removal`s day.
  • Think about a budget for your office removal.
  • Hire a Removals Company. Don`t leave this for the last minute. Make sure you have enough time to discuss the details with them.
  • Get packing materials and boxes or have your Removals Company supply them.
  • Make sure you label all boxes.
  • Take care of any classified documents you have in your office.
  • Make sure you have new phone numbers, fax numbers and internet connection set up for the new office premises.
  • Discuss with your system administrator the relocation of the server room.
  • It`s a good idea to have back-up of all the information on the computers.
  • Have the keys and the access cards ready.
  • Hire a professional cleaning company.

Of course not everything may apply for your Office Removal but it`s good to have a plan and this checklist is a good way to start your preparation.